Should You Get A Western Or Vedic Astrological Consult?

When you finally decide to get an astrological consultation in the U.S., you'll most likely find Western astrologers, who use the familiar system that your newspaper horoscopes are based on. But Vedic astrology, the Indian version also called Jyotish, is available, too. One system or the other may be better for you, depending on what you want to know. 

Planet Placements: Sidereal Versus Tropical

One of the biggest differences between Western and Vedic astrology is that Western uses the tropical zodiac, which treats signs and the calendar as they were a couple of milennia ago (not centuries; milennia, in thousands of years). Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac, which uses the planetary and sign placements as they are now. Basically, planetary movement isn't the same year after year, and over the past several thousands of years, things have changed. For example, the equinoxes used to occur in different signs than they do now. So if you were born under the Western sign of Sagittarius, and you've got your heart set on finding out what being a Sagittarius means, Western astrology is best for you. Your sign will most likely be different in Vedic astrology.

Predictions Versus Influences

Both Western and Vedic astrology look at personal characteristics and what actions or focus might be better during a particular time frame. However, Western astrology has evolved to become more of a psychological tool that deals with cosmic influences. These planetary aspects are happening in your chart, and so you might see some emphasis in your life on a particular aspect, such as travel.

Vedic also looks at cosmic influences but has a reputation for being much better at prediction. It's theorized that this is due to Vedic astrology's use of the current planetary placements, rather than the placements as they were thousands of years ago. So, if you're looking more for an analysis that looks at strengths and weaknesses in the upcoming year, go with Western astrology. If you're looking for an analysis of when you might be better off doing something specific, Vedic might be more helpful. However, there are no guarantees.

Different Emphasis on Sun, Rising, and Moon Signs

In Western astrology, using the tropical chart, your sun sign takes precedence, with your rising sign or ascendant right behind it in importance. In fact, when you read your horoscope, you really want to read for both your sun and rising signs, combining the information you find. Your moon is a close third, describing emotional influences in your life. Vedic doesn't really take the sun sign into account, instead focusing mainly on the rising and moon signs along with certain placements. The nodes of the moon are also more important in Vedic astrology.

If you have the money and time, you might consider getting a chart done in each system so that you can compare. It really is interesting to see where the two systems agree and how that plays out in your life.

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